Saturday, 17 March 2012

Where in the World is my Vagabond?!

Hi there,
Sizzix are wanting to discover where in the world their (amazing) Tim Holtz Vagabond diecut machines have ended up (with a chance to get a set of new Gauge Keys & new limited edition Vagabond travel stickers!!!) thanks Tim for mentioning the Sizzix promotion on your blog!

So, one's ended up here, in Watford, UK.  (I was lucky enough to get the UK 2011 Tim Holtz Vagabond sticker last year when I went to his PaperArtsy workshop!)

Location is roughly where the Tim-inspired mosaic butterfly (Tim's March 2012 tag) is on the map...  At least it would have been here a couple of hundred years or more ago!  Of course Watford's grown a bit since then, & what were fields have become an area of small Victorian/Edwardian terraced houses!

So for a while now my Vagabond has been sitting in it's box, & the dies have been stored under other boxes of stash, so it's been a hassle getting everything out, although of course that hasn't stopped me!

But a couple of weeks ago I had a brainwave!!!  I craft in our dining room, (I said our house was small, didn't I!) and there was a small table next to the computer, just sitting there, with piles of CDs, floppy disks (!) & other bits & pieces; so I cleared it up & found other places (!) for the bits we kept, and purloined it for my 'craft area'.  

Of course my Vagabond has pride of place - there's a power socket on the wall below, space on the floor for cutting pads etc, and space on an even tinier table to the right for a couple of storage boxes for my dies - sorted!  It's just brilliant having everything to hand!!!  And a massive thanks to my husband & daughter who have allowed me to take over this table!!!!!

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