Monday, 21 October 2013

CC102 catch-up Day 5

Here's my last tag from Day 5
And that's it for CC102!
I really enjoyed the week's crafting and learnt so many new techniques!  And had so much fun - roll on CC103!!
And here's just a couple of finished cards using more than one technique...

So it's onwards and upwards with my crafts - practising and creating - combining techniques, new cards & new ideas - I guess I'll start thinking about Christmas as well!
Back soon!

CC102 catch-up distress glitter 1

Finally I'm organised and got myself some distress glitter, so here goes!
So here's the last of Day 3's tags

Sunday, 13 October 2013

CC102 - Day 5 - the last leg!

And finally, Day 5 - embossing effects ... 5 tags to share, just one left to do ...

It's been an amazing week's journey along with Tim, his guest designers, Mario, and the team behind him, and all the rest of the students (there's so much beautiful work in the gallery) - so much learnt, so much inspiration, (and so much to practice!!). 
Once again, thank you Tim & everyone for CC102!
P.S when is CC103?!
Back soon!


CC102 - Day 4

And onto Day 4, alcohol inks

And my tags - all techniques practiced! ...



Back in a mo' with Day 5!

CC102 - Day 3 (continued)

Hi again,

I had a massive 'catch up' yesterday & managed most of Tim's remaining techniques ... all except any with Distress Glitter - can't believe I hadn't got any!!!

So here's the rest of Day 3s tags (2 more posts to follow)!

So Day 3 was distressing differently:   techniques 1 & 2 need a lot more practice - but here's the tags anyway!

 And here's my last one from Day 3 (2 more to do!)

Back in a mo' with Days 4 & 5!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

CC102 - Day 3

Help, I've fallen a bit behind at the moment, hope I catch up at the weekend!

So just one tag (out of 6 techniques!) to share so far ...
Great to learn how to colour black & white photos more successfully! I've tried other ways, but haven't had a lot of success!  The photos were a little 'ghost-like' originally anyway, being copies which were emailed to me by a distant cousin in the States (they're actually of my great great grandparents and one of their sons!).
I must admit I definitely 'embraced my imperfections' with William's photo - I went a bit too wild with the colouring & had to add more to blend the mistake in!!
I'll have to do some more using more modern photos!  I enjoyed the technique though!
Back soon!

CC102 day 2

And it's my tags from day 2 of Creative Chemistry 102 - yet more techniques to play with!  How lucky are those of us on Tim Holtz's latest online course? (Answer - VERY!)

So I've been playing with stencils ... amazing how we can use them in so many different ways! (p.s. my 'wish list' has got quite a bit longer now!)

This is the first tag ...
and here's the others ...

Back soon, with yet more tags!

Tim's new class CC102 Day 1

Loving Tim's new class - Creative Chemistry 102 (a follow-up to Creative Chemistry 101, which is still available here).  As the current class is a progression, you'll need to have booked on 101 before booking 102).

I'm learning so many new techniques, with Tim's new (& old) products ... and having great fun 'playing' with them!!!!

So here's my tags for Day 1 ...

Back soon with Day 2!