Thursday, 10 October 2013

CC102 - Day 3

Help, I've fallen a bit behind at the moment, hope I catch up at the weekend!

So just one tag (out of 6 techniques!) to share so far ...
Great to learn how to colour black & white photos more successfully! I've tried other ways, but haven't had a lot of success!  The photos were a little 'ghost-like' originally anyway, being copies which were emailed to me by a distant cousin in the States (they're actually of my great great grandparents and one of their sons!).
I must admit I definitely 'embraced my imperfections' with William's photo - I went a bit too wild with the colouring & had to add more to blend the mistake in!!
I'll have to do some more using more modern photos!  I enjoyed the technique though!
Back soon!

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