Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Time for some piccies, I think!

Here's some of the things I've been doing recently ...

Online course - Mixed Media (with My Creative Classroom)

Assignment 1 Fabric Collage
Assignment 2 Canvas collage

Assignment 3 Printing & painting on fabric

Assignment 4 still to be completed!


Altered Books

So , what's An Altered Book??? – well, anything goes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  An old book is transformed into a “work of art”, using the pages as “blank” canvases ...

Upside is; you can do anything you want to it – paint, stamp, decorate, embellish, fold pages, burn pages, weave into pages, make pockets, add anything (and everything!)

Downside is; you end up with a (hopefully!) beautiful book, but you won’t be able to read it !!!!!!!!!!! (or not most of it anyway!!)

So you can probably realise that this is way way outside my comfort zone!!!

Anyway, I'll post my progress (or non-progress!) on my book (a copy of Homer's Illiad) here.

Back soon!

taffeta .... attic?

My "taffeta" photo must be down at Dad's - will post soon!

And why "attic"?  I guess it has connotations for me of exploring and inspired by the past, finding scraps of ephemera, using these to create in the present.
But no, I don't create in our attic (or loft)! though I might have to expand up there sometime!  At the moment it all takes place in our dining room, on the table (we haven't sat down for a meal for ages!!!)

Back soon!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Hi there!

Hi there!
Welcome to my new blog, with all things crafty!

Why taffeta attic?  I wanted a name which was sort of "vintage / retro / grungy" to go with my crafting endeavours!  And I remember a beautiful pink taffeta hand-me-down dress I had as a child - I loved that dress!  I think I've got a photo somewhere...

Back soon!