Monday, 12 August 2013

1 image, 2 image transfer techniques (... if it doesn't succeed, try, try & try again!)

So, along with revisiting Tim's Holtz's Creative Chemistry 101 techniques, I'm also doing another online class with Claudine Hellmuth at Big Picture Classes - Technique Toolbox - 25 techniques in 5 weeks!

So because I'm learning & doing things for the first time, I though I'd share one of my not-so successful technique tags!  Crossed fingers, I've got an idea of how to redo this tag so I can hopefully post it in the class gallery! I'm glad I photo'd the tag while it was still wet & before it got past the point of no return - I'll take the photo down to the copy shop & get a laser copy, which will hopefully work better!

So, here's the tag before it got past the 'point of no return' ... just about!

I was rather taken by the photo, especially his blue eyeshadow around one eye, & his purple coat & bottle of drink!

The technique is a photo transfer into acrylic paint. 'Officially', and quite rightly(!), you should use a laser copy.  But I'd come across this photo in an old copy of Time Out magazine (for the record, from jul 9-15 2013 issue), which is printed on a type of newsprint, so probably not very good for this type of transfer!  He's apparently a young music festival organiser, (dressed as a pirate for the festival!).

I used classic teal paint with a bit of white (from a very old gloopy tube of acrylic paint!) added over the whole tag, & added some dryish sable brown at the edges while I was waiting for the paint to dry.  I also probably didn't wait long enough to make sure the print soaked into the paint before I started rubbing away the paper...  So I'd also already started rubbing when I decided it wasn't really working - so that's when I took the photo as I'd like to try again (the paper was still wet at the time I photo'd it) ...

So I thought I'd see how far I could go anyway...

OK, more rubbing, & drying & it looked like this - oops!! Reject!!!

So, I added a little gloss medium over the top, which helps to make the paper transparent, & here's my final photo of this time round (I had added a title by this time) ...

You can see the image marginally more, but there was way too much paper left, so totally not what I was aiming for!  So this tag will stay with my rejects!


But, here's what happened when after I'd printed out the photo of the tag (top photo) & taken it down to the copy shop... This time I thought I'd try out a different technique, so I did a transfer onto stickyback canvas (which worked much better!) ...

At last something I could post onto our class gallery!  And I got some lovely comments, thank you all!  And, feeling 'brave', I'm now publishing this to my blog ... !!
P.S. note to self for the future - if you're going to be trying a new technique make sure you photograph or copy any originals, even if you then use the original - so at least in some form you can try again!!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Hi again!

Another long gap! I can't believe I've only blogged once this year! Don't know what I've been doing really! But luckily I'm starting to get inspired to create once more!

So, here again with renewed inspiration having met up (in real time & space) with friends from a Facebook group at Neil Burley's beautiful new studio in his garden in Leicester. (Neil's website here - he's taking bookings now Many Thanks Neil!

And hoping to enter some challenges this month! So hopefully I'll be posting more often from now on! And having now got an iPad mini (which I love!) I now don't have to be on the computer to blog (that is as long as I can figure out how to upload photos from the iPad!!!

Watch this space!
Front cover of notebook made at Neil's studio
Inside front cover - now to complete all the tags!