Sunday, 25 March 2012

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 101 - Day 4

Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad!!

Day 4 was about techniques with distress re-inkers.

1) watercolour with reinkers (left)
(2) - messed up & not shown!)
3) custom stamp pad (right)

1) Watercolouring with re-inkers - I enjoyed this one!  I layered a PaperArtsy stamp behind the Crafty Individuals girl stamp, & then got to work watercolouring.  I've just got 4 re-inkers, but I was pleased with the colours & how I could blend them together to make other colours and lighten them - the 'brown' is a mixture of dried marigold & dusty concord and the girl's fair hair is a very very pale wash of dried marigold!

2) Layered misting - I love Tim's example, but I really couldn't get on with this one at all - I think I need a lot more practice!! I wasn't sure why the final spray seeped under the stencil (& I also tried it with an adhesive mask - same problem!)  Tim has kindly answered my question about it so I'll have to have another play ... * (see update below)

3) Custom stamp pad - I really enjoyed this one as well & loved how it turned out!!  I couldn't wait for the Cut N Dry felt I ordered (its come now!), so I used double-sided adhesive to stick a piece of felt onto the grey side of some Cut N Dry foam.  I only used 3 of my re-inkers - dusty concord, tumbled glass & dried marigold & I was surprised how colourful the bird stamped out.  I also used the same custom pad to randomly ink up the sprigs at the bottom.  Really pleased!!   Hopefully the custom pad will last for a while... I made one last December for one of Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas 2011 (Day 3) & kept it in a sealable plastic bag - the custom random pad is still full of ink!

Thanks to Tim's advice (light mist, allow to soak in, another light mist) & his advice to another misting question to mist from further away, I have managed a passable attempt at layered misting ... thanks Tim!

Back soon with day 5!  Kay

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  1. Great tags... I had trouble with the misting one too, but kept at it and it was the light misting that helped me too. Love your personal inkpad one... See you in class!