Tuesday, 6 December 2011

12 tags - day 6 - half-way there!

Another day, another technique, another challenge!
Embossed on metal, then painted with acrylic, then heat embossed - vintage gorgeousness from Tim, so bright & colourful!
I think I need some brighter acrylic paints (wishlist again!) or distress with a lighter brown, mine turned out very muted grungy-vintage rather than bright grungy-vintage!  I've got several texture fades, but not the one Tim used (!) so I drew planned out squares & rectangles to fit the tag, cut out the shapes & embossed them all individually, then glued them to the tag.
Here's mine ...
So, 6 tags done, 6 more to go, can't wait to see what Tim comes up with for the second half!
Back soon!



  1. I like yours better than Tim's. I thought his was too bright. Your subdued colors are perfect.

  2. I like the muted colors and your pretty 'quilt' of embossings!