Friday, 2 December 2011

12 tags - day 2

OK, so how come I haven't got a reindeer die?!!! (actually, I've got a small one, but it didn't seem quite right).  And no kraft resist paper!  So, how about using what I already have and substitute or improvise!!!
Robin's are Christmassy, right?!  And how about trying to make my own kraft resist paper?  So, brown paper, words & tree branches stamped in black, then trees stamped and embossed clear, which resisted the inks!
Mind you, I have a 2nd item on my wishlist now - kraft resist paper (and larger reindeer die before next Christmas)!

So here's my 2nd tag:
And here's Tim's beautiful tag for day 2

I'm loving doing these tags but I probably won't get one done tomorrow as its the guest market at Watford Market - I shall have to do two on Sunday!

More soon!  Kay

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  1. I just stopped in from Tim's blog to see your tags. They are both just beautiful!! Love the robin and the holly sprig!!