Sunday, 30 November 2014

Tim's tag November '14

So I've got a little behind with Tim's tags the last couple of months, (& only just time to do this month's tag before the new one tomorrow!).
As it's now less than a month before Christmas (help!!) I though I'd go with a more wintery theme than Tim's autumn theme.  I haven't got any of his dies with texture fades, so I had to improvise!

I've recently bought Tim's prancing reindeer die, & I'd already cut it out from a piece of white corrugated cardboard.  I used the gothic stencil to lightly emboss the background tag, & added dots with an embossing ink pen to add the sticky embossing powder & gilding flakes.  Then a quick distressing on the cardboard.  I used die cut letters which I painted pewter (to match the spray) for 'believe' which I added to a stained piece of  lace.
I'm glad I had a little time to do this, hopefully I'll have time for the next one as well!
Back soon (fingers crossed!).    Kay

1 comment:

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