Saturday, 9 February 2013

long time no blog!

Hi, I'm back - eventually!

I don't know where the time's gone - I was quite shocked to see that I hadn't posted anything since the middle of October last year!  Though I must admit I haven't done a lot of crafting either...

Since September, I've been working part-time, 2 days a week, which soon crept up to 4 days - leaving me not so much time for myself!  Don't get me wrong, I do really enjoy work and I'm very grateful I've got a job (I really didn't get on with not working at all) - but hoping eventually to find a "happy medium"!

I've managed the odd card for friends, and I did make quite a few Christmas cards -- with the dining room table (where I mainly craft) piled high, I over-spilled into the kitchen for a couple of weeks!

I eventually managed to clear the kitchen and the dining room table for a late Christmas dinner (I'm not that disorganised - we were away in Salzburg for Christmas itself (* see separate page) - we had a great time!) - and it's managed to stay clear!  But the time has flown by and its now February already!
 So, I've joined in the free My Creative Classroom class/challenge 'Use every stamp 2013'.  My personal challenge is to put things away (in the right place!) when I've finished with it, and organise my stamps, so I know what I've got, and where to find it, and hopefully use it!  We've got a whole year (or 11 months now!) to do this, so hopefully I'll at least have made some progress by next Christmas!!

Hopefully I'll be back here tomorrow or Monday when I've done some crafting!

Back soon (fingers crossed!)     Kay

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